NPTEL online Course

NPTEL online Course : NPTEL is a National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning. Indian Institutes of Technology (Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras, Guwahati and Roorkee) along with the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2003.

nptel online courses

Talking about courses in NPTEL, there are more than 235+ courses available on this portal which includes  civil engineering, computer science and engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering and mechanical engineering.


Has their own portal called ““. Firstly Check website secondly Choose your Course thirdly Complete your Registration and lastly Start Learning. (NPTEL online Course)

nptel online courses

Some highlights:

Largest online repository in the world of courses in engineering, basic sciences and selected humanities and social sciences subjects.

Online web portal – more than 471 million+ views.

Youtube channel for NPTEL – most subscribed educational channel, 1.5 million+ channel subscribers, 404 million+ views.

NPTEL online Course

More than 56000 hours of video content.

Most accessed library of peer-reviewed educational content in the world.

52000+ hours of transcribed content; 51000+ hours of subtitled videos.

NPTEL Courses

When you visit the site of courses, there you get very nice dashboard which is designed to to guide you.

It will help you to choose right course with proper details.

nptel online courses

NPTEL Registration

Registration for NPTEL online Course is very easy. Anyone can easily register.

Very simple form filling and steps to complete. And your registration can be finished in couple of minutes.

It is not difficult to find the registration form on the page.

Just register and start your course.

nptel online courses

NPTEL Results

While completing your course, there are time to time exam sessions occurs. So that you get the idea of your own understanding, which is helpful for you to plan and complete the training process.

nptel online courses

NPTEL Swayam Login

After checking the main website, then proceed with swayam portal.

You will get login option there.

After login, you will get your dashboard for reference.

nptel online courses

NPTEL Swayam

Swayam is similar portal of NPTEL.

You can check it for reference, so that you will have idea about the details of courses.

Then you can choose the correct and appropriate career course.

nptel online courses

NPTEL Full Form

You can check full form of registration on the portal .

It is very easy to get connected to your course with simple steps and complete your targeted career course.

nptel online courses

NPTEL Videos

Videos are essential part of learning.

Very effective medium of gaining knowledge is video now a days.

Your course is highly qualified content video which helps you to grasp everything and it will help you to gain maximum knowledge in very less time.

nptel online courses

NPTEL Certificate

They provide complete training with quality trainers and provides the certification for you. Which is very useful for your career path.

Our career path starts with the certificate count.

So, as much as you get certificates, that much you will considered as the more perfect and suitable person for particular field.

That’s why, certification plays very important role while starting the career.

nptel online courses

NPTEL Registration Form

As mentioned in the “full form” above, Registration form is the same as that of full form explained.

You have register to access your course content. (NPTEL online Course)

After registering you can track the leaning process on your own.

nptel registration form

NPTEL Machine Learning

The most demanding future course is machine learning.

This course is available on this portal.

As AI is hugely in demand, this course is specially designed on this portal.

You can take advantage of that.

nptel online courses


Today, every certification is done through Exams.

So, you need to face exam here also which will help you to get certified in the particular course.

nptel online courses

Other initiatives can be considered as very impotent aspect in the society like – swyam-nptel local chapter, nptel translation, nptel industry associates, CRS, workshops.

So, this is all about the NPTEL portal which is in hue demand and loved by students. Hope you like the article and you get all necessary information before visiting the NPTEL portal.

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